As a government contractor both domestically and internationally, we provide world-class military flight training to all levels of government. What makes us different? It’s our integrated flight training approach. We combine premium, cutting edge simulation technology with in-flight instruction from the most experienced military pilots the world has to offer. All of our flight training is customized to your specific needs. We understand that pilot readiness is paramount. Your time frame and budget are our priority second only to ensuring pilot safety. It’s our job to make sure that your training is delivered within budget and on time, every time. Most importantly, we specialize in rotorcraft flight training, but we don’t stop there. We also provide military flight training in fixed-wing airframes. We have the flexibility and resources to meet any demand.

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Because lives depend on it – trust Pilot Xpress to deliver the training programs that bring our guys home safely.

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Integrated Flight Training

Our mission at Pilot Xpress is to provide the most comprehensive training programs possible to ensure that your pilots are trained by the best, to be the best; so they can come home safely after every mission. We customize our training programs to each of our client’s specific needs. Our tailor-made, turn-key solutions will properly prepare your pilots for the complex scenarios they will be faced with in real-world operations. Some of the popular mission specific trainings we can provide:

  • NVG (Night Vision Goggle)
  • External Load
  • HAT (High Altitude Training)
  • Mission Planning
  • Live Fire
  • Range Operations
  • Flight Engineer
  • Gunnary
  • Maintenance

We love our veterans!

If you are a U.S. Military veteran interested in flight training or looking to transition from military aviation to the civilian world, we can help! We offer training for transitioning your military experience and credentials to civilian regulatory credentials. We are always looking to help place our veterans as contract pilots and instructors. Call (972) 955-2440 or Contact Us today!

For International Government Agencies: We can provide in-aircraft training either at our training locations in the United States or remotely at your location, in your aircraft. Our integrated flight training approach offers premium simulator training when available on your required airframe.